Noise Hotspots

// ArcGIS, hot spot/cold spot analysis, 311 NYC Open Data

This project examined the relationship between the noise complaints and land use of areas with high noise level.

According to 311 dataset, Manhattan community district 12 has the most noise complaints of 1,350, in September 2015 in New York City, followed by Brooklyn community district 1 that has 1,092 complaints. Even though both community districts have a high number of complaints, Hot Spot Analysis yielded different results. While Brooklyn community distric 1 that has the second highest number of complaints is found to be a hot spot at 99% confidence level, the noise complaints clustering in Manhattan community district 12 is found not to be statistically significant.

This results indicate that clustering of a great number of complaints does not always make an area a hot spot. In order to examine clustering of noise complaints more closely, neighbordhood level Hot Spot Analysis of these two community districts was performed.

In order to see if certain types of land use contribute to high concentration of noise complaints, land uses of hot spots are mapped and closely examined. As the maps show, both hot spots have high concentration of multi-family elevator buildings and mixed/commercial buildings. However, other land uses are also widely distributed throughout these locations, and the mentioned land uses are not necesarily dominant. Thus, by looking into the land use map alone, it is hard to conclude that certain types of land uses are directly related to high clustering of noise complaints.